Every Girl Has Her Limits

“Whitworth’s poetry is rhythmic, focused, sure of itself, as is the poet. Her voice is a voice of someone who has lived, who has known light and darkness, who retains a dignity and strength that endears her to true lovers of poetry.” — L. Ward Abel, Author of The Heat of Blooming, and Jonesing for Byzantium

“This remarkable collection of poetry takes the reader on a most incredible journey, as seen through the eyes of this truly unique poet. In spite of life’s inevitable peaks and troughs, there is this enviable quality of optimism that shines through even the darkest of moments to the very last.
For as is said, come what may, life still goes on and nobody illustrates this more skilfully than Jolen Whitworth and her poetry. From the deep despair of ‘Cold Acceptance’ and ‘Ouroboros’ to the poignancy of ‘Today I Had a Moment’ and ‘The Rain’, to the passion of ‘Limits’ and the passive acceptance of‘Midnight Orchids’and ‘Tabula Rasa’, this collection is a joy to read.

“Every Girl Has Her Limits,” – that may be so, but writer, Jolen Whitworth, has much farther to go until she reaches hers. Of that I am certain.” — Christine Ann Clatworthy, Author of the poetry collection, ‘In Two Minds’ and various published works in ‘Voices from the Web’, anthologies published by UKA Press.

“Jolen Whitworth is a full-blooded Celtic poetess who gathers up the minutiae of daily life into a passionate storm that performs a lexical dance on the most withered heart.
Her new book is divided into stations on the journey to a personal salvation, where in greater and greater degrees, she challenges us “to surrender to the forces that balance beyond control.” In a fearless personal search for meaning and hope, Jolen entreats the reader to balance their doubts and heartaches with a fully embraced love of life in all its facets.
Over the last few years, Jolen has developed into a skilled Romantic poet who let nothing stand in her way to establishing an authoritative poetic voice. It is the voice of the disinherited, the broken and the lost transfigured by a lyrical, visionary glimpse into the redemptive power of love. — Ross McCague, Professor of English, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.

“I’m not a big fan of structured, lyrical, Romantic poetry. I generally avoid it like the plague…because contrary to popular opinion, it’s a very delicate thing and in the wrong hands it can turn into an absolute mess. There’s nothing like that here. Whitworth is a writer in full command of her skills…confident and passionate. This is the real deal.” — John Yamrus, author of NEW AND SELECTED POEMS.

“When you read something as good as this collection, you have to respond straight away. I love it!” — Dawn Bauling, Editor, Sarasvati Poetry Magazine

“Here is a person of warm words and deep thought, brought beautifully to our table in this utterly brilliant collection of verse. I expected someone I could walk and talk with to sit with me when I opened ‘Every Girl Has Her Limits’ and she was indeed that, but I also discovered a person of immense knowledge, poetic bravura and wisdom. This is not just ‘a collection of verse’ as the subtitle humbly suggests. It is a bench-mark collection of huge gravitas.

Here is someone not trying to impress us with stylistic complexities or poetic conceits but someone who simply loves words and wants to glory in their power, their pictures and subtleties.

Jolen clearly found her rainbow in words and shares generously, wielding them with the precision a fine artist, using broad strokes in poems such as The Gods are Jealousor using fine point work in My Sky or inWithout Redemption: “My feelings are a vast ocean/ you contain in a thimble.”

Her images are never perfunctory or over-played, each one selected carefully and precisely as in I Miss the Hummingbirds, Scavengeror even in Overdue which quietly mocks itself and the use of metaphors. Brave girl indeed to ask a Librarian to review that one!

Jolen is a poet unafraid of using her voice and doesn’t side-step contentious issues. I love the cut ofHunting and the latent anger of Do Not Resuscitate which reminded me in its breathtaking openness of Sharon Olds. Contrast these to the humorous poke at 21st century living in We Have Made the World Small: “We surf the net, play tennis on wii/ and overlook humanity/ with a blink of each occluded eye.”

In Shooting Stars we have: “And I with my ripe sensuality/on a vine heavily bent by its fruit.” and later in the heartbreaking >i>Escrime the simplicity of: “Suddenly, I longed to be daddy’s little girl again,/sitting meekly at his feet” Splitting the collection into five intriguingly-named sections added to my enjoyment. The section Opposite Faces is an utter triumph and contains some of the finest love poetry I have read this year. Jolen feels things keenly but never risks sentiment. I read Today I Had A Moment almost forgetting to breathe, so captivating was it: “Today, I had a moment./ One minute you didn’t occupy./ I was free, I was fine, I could breathe.” This is love poetry at its finest.

Jolen clearly understands her craft, using traditional forms to great effect in Ouroboros, Vacancy andMidnight Orchids or A Quiet Eveningand yet never compromises her meaning to serve the tightness of metre or form. It serves her, rather than restricts. Few poets master this with such winsome ease.

This collection is definitely one of them. Bravo Jolen! I have loved sharing the table. — Dawn Bauling / Ronnie Goodyer. Editors: Indigo Dreams Press
Indigo Dreams Press
Indigo Dreams Publishing
Reach Poetry

Whitworth’s writing is insightful and mature, her range boundless, her content spellbinding. Having survived the unbearable, she has pulled together her broken pieces, established herself as a joyful whole, and come to love life with gusto.

This reader has long admired Jolen Whitworth’s imaginative style and this book is evidence of her continued growth and her passion to share the hard-earned lessons she’s learned along the way. As she claims in her poem, “Vessel”, she is now quite able to “sweep skies, dust stars/and scour/the ocean’s floor”.

EVERY GIRL HAS HER LIMITS is a book to keep nearby, to read over and over again. — M.L. Allen “Allen’s Opinion” (Daytona Beach, FL United States)

“I have just read this book and I am awestruck at the sheer strength and beauty of Whitworth’s work. There is no trying to impress, just a real honesty of exposure that strips the reader down to bare bones by the reading.

Whitworth’s writing has strength and passion, but to me there was a real sense of victory and self empowerment. Whitworth has honed her ability to write deep, meaningful and exquisite poetry down to a fine art.

Her work has depth and style abundant, but its much more than that…you have the sheer raw ability to take life experiences which are both painful and potentially stunting, and transform those very trials into something of huge power and insightful vision.

I feel a real place in modern poetry about to be filled.”

I will recommend this book freely “ — Alison Stormwolf Soul Awakening and Healing Words

“I have enjoyed this poetry.” — Josephine Wall, Fantasy Artist

Article in The Yorkshire Evening Post

“While some poetry directly confronts the everyday, Whitworth’s collection seems very often like reading a book of dreams (and occasionally nightmares) whereby she is trying to make sense of the experiences she has encountered, thereby rendering them with an often ethereal quality and language, resulting in the construction of her own unique world and voice.” — John Webber, author of A Slow Boat to Moscow andHad Van Gogh Had a Day Job

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“Jolen Whitworth’s collection of poetry is an amazing debut.

If you like poetry that is both personal & universal, enlightening & entertaining, true to life & fantastic, modern & classical, you’ve come to the right place.
Her wry sense of humourin the face of adversity & pain, her compassionate voice, & her startling way to express complex emotions within few words is unique.

Unlike the title may suggest, there are obviously no limits to this poet’s talents. Highly recommended!” —Something to Discover, Sybil Vane.

Review by Rebecca Atherton, Editor, Inside Out >>> INSIDE OUT REVIEW

‘Every Girl Has Her Limits’ written by American poet Jolen Whitworth is an eye pleasing book. The cover contains warm hue colours, including the photograph of the little girl—the girl that may have limits, however this little girl survives many hurdles and manages to hold her head up proudly. The book is printed on quality paper and bound by saddle stitch. The layout has been considered well with plenty of space, unlike some other poetry books where the poems are too crammed.

This collection of poetry is simply staggering. Jolen Whitworth’s book of poetry is powerful and bursting with passion. Her love for poetry shines through her remarkable voice through the use of the many poetic techniques that she has embraced. The reader is shown a girl’s journey of ups and downs through the eyes of the poet. Each poem comes across as a dream or a nightmare—some of these will break your heart and pull on those sympathy strings.

The variety of this modern poetry book will grab hold of the reader and it will refuse to let the reader go until every last word is read. Be warned though, there is a high chance that once you’ve read this book you will re-read it over and over again. To be honest I am unable to choose one favourite poem, or even a handful. I feel highly honoured to read such an exceptional book of poetry—I know you will too. — Twisted Tongue Magazine

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