In A Word

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Life In a Word


This book began as a joke (and hopefully still is). It is the result of much hard giggling, bloody scribbling, sweaty pens and tears of laughter.

In A Word was born out of the UKAuthors weekly Prose and Poetry Challenge, in which last week’s winner sets the single-word challenge for the following week. Andrea, who has proclaimed on many an occasion that she ‘wouldn’t know a poem if it jumped up and bit me in the nether regions’ [sic], decided to have a go at the challenge. It looks as if she was right, but she became addicted. The idea of publishing came when she was thinking about how to raise money for the UKAuthors site, and together with the editor of UKA Press (who always liked the poems and asked if she would donate the work) decided to polish and illustrate every poem, and then actually publish them as a book to raise funds for the site.

What we have here is not a collection of poetry in the conventional sense. No sestinas, haiku or sonnets (well, there is a clerihew, of sorts), but a collection of down-to-earth, gritty, humorous (and sometimes not so funny) snippets of observation and situation. In short, In A Word contains everything you need to know about life and the universe, summed up neatly and alphabetically, in one word titles.

No Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth, Duffy or Keats, Lowne has, occasionally, been compared to Pam Ayres. ‘Rubbish,’ she laughs, ‘I don’t look anything like Pam! Besides, I’m a Londoner!’

And that, as you will see if you buy the book, just about sums it up.
(Note: Profits from the sale of In A Word will be used to help fund the website and writers’ community.)
‘In A Word’ is a joyous and abandoned foray into the world of comic verse and I have no doubt that it will entertain and delight everyone who wisely chooses to own a copy…the book reminds me of …a book of Spike Milligan poems that has accompanied me through life ever since I discovered it in my early teens and is guaranteed to cheer me up or bolster good humour…’ — John Webber, author of Slowboat to Moscow, Private Histories and Had Van Gogh Had A Day Job
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‘…Spanning the alphabet from A to Z, ‘In A Word’ brings together a collection of poems that can’t fail to entertain. From a philosophical ‘Kant’ to a spotty ‘Penis’ there is something here for everyone.’ — Sunken
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