Night of the Earwig

Would-be horror novelist Julian Boyle uploads his magnum opus onto his ‘Authormobile’ account and waits for critical adulation and a place in the coveted Top Five. He might be waiting a while…

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Reviewed by music producer and author Graham Sclater
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People like it…

“Exquisite satire” – mr. shelley

“Friggin’ beautiful!” – GeekMaiella

“absolutely brilliant!” – Phil Rowan

“literary gold” – Andrew Goodman

“This is a stroke of pure genius” – Kipper


“this had tears of delight rolling down my cheeks.” – Richard Maitland

“this is some seriously funny shit” – michael24easilybored

“This is so brilliant. I just wish there was more.”- Cealarenne

“That is superb! It should be a requirement for Newbies to read this!” – Tiger Princess

“ I nearly fell off my chair laughing….a brilliant piece of writing!” – Spilota

“one of the funniest things I’ve read on this site, and I really mean that.” – Bren Verill

“I laughed so hard I snorted coffee out my nose. I hate it when that happens.” – Paolito

“It is so true and I laughed so hard at the swifty on chapter one that I almost peed.” – Richardakray

“viciously funny….devastatingly smart. The skill required to write flawlessly when we are in his voice and so appallingly badly in his novel is breathtaking.” – Cass

“Oh, what a wickedly funny and achingly relevant piece of post-modernist irony.” – FaithB