Stan’s Highway


Stan’s Highway – John Webber

Was he a Religious Man?

Was he a religious man?

the vicar asked

and set in flow

a reservoir of consciousness;

if football was a religion…

if my mother was…

if 46 years at the same company was…

Then I saw him

sitting on the low garden wall

he’d built,

coaxing a blackbird with

a piece of bread;

then roaming through

his glorious Devon hills,

overcome with

the shining summer nature;

or listening to Sinatra,

and joining in

with his gentle singing voice,

quite in harmony

with himself.

Then I remembered him

cursing God,

or a lack of God

when Pam died.

He never went to church, I said,

but he thought a lot about life.

What I should have said was

that everything he did,

he did religiously.