Wild Women

Steven Butts arrives in Canada to become a professor and race cars. His girlfriend comes too. Everything that can go wrong does.

Note to self:

  • Next time, leave Eddie home
  • Do not accept a job teaching something you know nothing about
  • Canada is cold; do not buy a British sports car
  • On entering academia, abandon all logic
  • Hands off the student body
  • Do not visit old girlfriend in London
  • If you do, avoid sleeping with her flat mate
  • Never get married to make yourself feel better
  • Once married, you will become strangely attractive to women. Just say no
  • On wife’s Opening Night, do not take a student
  • Do not go car racing
  • Do not crashIt’s a scream now, but finding yourself lost in Canada wasn’t so funny at the time.”Simon Leigh: writes with a ‘…wry, impressionistic style…a powerful first book”. -Len Gasparini,The Windsor Star

    “‘A well-written, witty, ribald and rollicking journey into the dark ways of men and women.” –PAUL QUARRINGTON, author (Home Garden, The Life of Hope, King Leary, etc), artist, musician, screenwriter, CA.

    “Simon Leigh’s Wild Women is ‘hilarious…dying to know how much of it was true”. – Hilary Stanly,WESTWOOD CREATIVE ARTISTS

    “Smart humour…uncomfortable wisdom” – CBC TORONTO

    Wild Women: great read, strong story and brilliant voice”. – DON MASTERS, UKAUTHORS

    “A readable book…a sense of someone out in the real world of events, alertly noting and enjoying his life”. – ALAN PEARSON, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

    “A campus novel all about motor racing ? I’m not interested in cars, and it’s too late for me to be interested in education, but I was held by this till my wheels came off… A must for anyone intending to leave Australia. Or drive in a Canadian winter. Or take up with a woman. Or crash at high speed in a car race… This guy writes beautifully; he’s good at funny and good at serious… (If this novel is at all autobiographical, don’t ever accept a lift from the author. But do rush out and read the book).” — Miles Kington, columnist, The Independent, UK

    Review by POD-Dy-Mouth

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