Every Girl Has Her Limits

“Whitworth’s poetry is rhythmic, focused, sure of itself, as is the poet. Her voice is a voice of someone who has lived, who has known light and darkness, who retains a dignity and strength that endears her to true lovers of poetry.” — L. Ward Abel, Author of The Heat of Blooming, and Jonesing for […]

Hideous Gifts

Guin Catto sits mourning the death of her ancient dog. But her younger dog tries to cheer her by bringing a gift of some object he’s found. Naturally it isn’t just any object: it is the arm of a girl, a teenager who’s disappeared from Hornbridge Academy. The case seems to Armie to be mixed […]

Bat Boy

“A classic thriller as two youngsters race from crooks, kidnappers and the police … in search of their long-lost father. A wonderful, gripping story, from the first words to the last.” Chris Barraclough, the author of BAT BOY, keeps his readers spellbound – not just by the frantic, hilarious and wildly suspenseful plot, but by […]

Wild Women

Steven Butts arrives in Canada to become a professor and race cars. His girlfriend comes too. Everything that can go wrong does. Note to self: Next time, leave Eddie home Do not accept a job teaching something you know nothing about Canada is cold; do not buy a British sports car On entering academia, abandon […]

Remember, Remember

Fourteen-year-old Aleister Lister Smith is sailing through a peaceful existence at a respectable public school in Shropshire. Perhaps too peaceful, even a bit boring at times. The only adventures in his life are the ones he reads about in books like The Count of Monte Cristo. But all that changes one day when the mysterious […]

I Want To Live In Spain

In the middle of dreary, drawn-out English winter, Mark Harrison and his wife Vivien suddenly took stock of their lives and decided it was time for a change. Ten months later, and now jobless, they moved into their new home on the outskirts of the village Parcent, in the Jalon valley, inland from Spain’s Costa […]