How It Happened Here

How It Happened Here tells the story of the making of a film and the subsequent reception that the film received and the controversy and alarm that it stirred up when it was first released. The film-makers were two teenagers (18 and 16) and they started out with no budget and a borrowed 16 mm […]

The Sighs of a Mouse

Paul struggled for many years with depression. Despite his condition he retained his sense of satirical humour and wrote one brilliantly witty story after another. His sharp observational skills and comprehension of human nature left one with new insight and understanding about the human condition. Be it conversations with a fictitious Economist, or with his […]

Voices from the Web Anthology 2015

These stories and poems have been selected by members of the writer’s website, UKAuthors, and on the basis of votes cast for each piece. Whether you prefer humour to chuckle at, drama to weep over, poetry that bounces along or systematically carries you with it, you will find it all within these covers. Ideas, emotions […]

The Search For Chalie Chaplin

In the world of film collecting, the claim “find of the century” may sound an unpardonable exaggeration. But what discovery can equal it? Collectors had hailed the discovery of the occasional lost Keystone comedy in which Chaplin played, but nobody had the slightest idea that somewhere in England, somewhere in France, and somewhere in the United States lay three separate […]